Parties and Events

Forum can be yours for the night!

Not many people know that Forum is actually a superb setting for almost any event with room for up to 3,000 seated dining guests. The many parties and events we organise for different companies, constitute a large part of our itinerary. 

Forum offers a wide range of possibilities

Forum has organised product launches, parties, annual stakeholder meetings and many other events. The hall is pillar-free, which makes it outstanding for decorating and entertainment purposes.

To illustrate the unlimited possibilities that this hall offers, try to picture how Forum can be transformed into a fairy-tale desert oasis with Bedouin tents, belly dancers, exotic dishes, swaying palm trees and hot rhythms. The mere sight of Forum with twinkling candelabras, white tablecloths, abundant chandeliers, guests in gala dresses and the elite of Danish performers to deliver the entertainment, can take the breath away from even the most discerning guests.

Forum's restaurant

The Forum restaurant can serve up to 3,000 people at the time and offers an in-house staff with vast experience and many creative ideas for exciting menus and wines.

Unlimited possibilites

In Forum there is room for anything and we can help you with it all from decorations, entertainment, lighting, to picking the right sound system and staff for your event.




Se pictures from Forum in our gallery.

Rehearsal dinner

A rehearsal dinner before any event, no matter the scope, is included in the price, just as you will have an assigned personal event planner from beginning to end.

If you have additional queries, please call us at +45 3252 8811